Cabana Modular Outdoor Kitchen Guide

Designing an outdoor kitchen can be an exciting and rewarding project. Here are some steps to help you select a modular cabinet outdoor kitchen system and set it up for a 2-meter kitchen:

  1. Measure the available space: Before you begin selecting the outdoor kitchen system, measure the area where you want to install the kitchen. A 2-meter kitchen will require a space that is at least 2 metres wide.

  2. Determine your needs: Decide what appliances and barbeque you would like in your outdoor kitchen. This can include a BBQ and heat shield, a sink, a bar fridge, and storage space. Take into account how often you will use the alfresco kitchen and what types of meals you plan to cook.

  3. Choose a modular cabinet system: This is the most cost-effective way to for an outdoor kitchen that is modular units, and BBQ's Australia has back up human email service that can help with customising it to fit your specific needs. Please look at our offered pre-built outdoor kitchen modules that can be combined in a variety of configurations to suit your space and cooking requirements.

  4. Consider the material: BBQ's Australia Cabana Outdoor kitchen systems come in a variety of sizes.The 16mm-thick compacted polycarbonate interlayer base material is durable for all weather conditions and suitable for outdoor use, and it has a choice of six designer colour metal doors and drawer fronts. Colourbond fronts are a popular choice as they are rust-resistant, easy to clean, and look sleek and modern.

  5. Plan the layout: Once you have chosen your modular cabinet system, plan the layout of your outdoor kitchen. Place the barbeque in a central location and position the other appliances and storage units around it. Make sure there is enough space for you and your guests to move around comfortably.

  6. Add finishing touches: To complete your outdoor kitchen, add finishing touches such as a stone benchtop, splashback, and custom made cover. Choose materials that are suitable for outdoor use, such as granite or porcelain tile. Outdoor lighting is also important to ensure that you can use the kitchen at night.

  7. Consider maintenance: Finally, consider how you will maintain your outdoor kitchen. BBQs Australia Choose cabana cabinet materials that are easy to clean and maintain, and make sure to clean your outdoor kitchen regularly to prevent rust and other damage.

By following these steps, you can select and set out a modular cabinet outdoor kitchen system that is perfect for your outdoor kitchen space.

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