Cabana Outdoor Cabinets

Starting Point Choosing your Cabinets

The cabana cabinets are a waterproof alfresco outdoor kitchen solution whether you are building or renovating.cabana outdoor cabinets

Cabana cabinets have a contemporary design of beauty and robust characteristics that suit a lot of outdoor alfresco spaces.

Our designers have a range of an all-in-one packages, cabana cabinets are built for DIY so if you are handy this flat pack system is an easy  affordable option .

The benefits to your alfresco with our locally made, water resistant outdoor Cabana cabinets built to last and withstand the Australian elements and coastal conditions through our experianced top-quality craftsmanship.

The cabana series cabinets include European hard ware as a standard and our soft close features are just easy to use and add on stylish colours so your renos are on-trend and on budget with the latest in alfresco entertaining.

The perfect thick door and drawer fronts are constructed with a thick 16mm outdoor substrate for strength and childrens soccer ball proof to add peace of mind and complete your outdoor kitchen’s stylish design and desired colours.

The nuts and bolts of the cabana cabinet, base plate has pre drilled holes for the adjustable feet to slot into, making floors with falls a dream to install

Next is solid constructed base ,

2 cabinet sides with groves to slot into ,

solid back and

top mully

All pieces are made of durable 16mm thick and waterproof polymer plastic G board designed for strength and water exposure great for your undercover alfresco areas.

cabana cabinets

Whats new in outdoor kitchens?

Well design and quality here is what is happening

Made with sturdy Colorbond® metal doors and drawer front panels, Colorbond® is made from a corrosion-resistant steel base finalised with a baked-on paint finish that protects against chipping, peeling and cracking. Colorbond is a tried and tested coated steel product that has been on the market for more than half a century.

Where to Start?

When considering Alfresco kitchen options for an outdoor area, choosing waterproof plastic cabinets offers several advantages, including their ability to protect the contents from rain and other weather elements.

These cabinets are designed to withstand exposure too moisture  and when screwed and bolted to the wall reduces the cabinets from getting damaged if in a windy space or wind tunnel, All our cabinets we can fit for an additional cost to include a magnet system that will catch the door for extra strength .

One of the key reasons for selecting waterproof plastic cabinets is their durability. Unlike wooden cabinets that may rot or metal cabinets that can rust, plastic cabinets are resistant to moisture-related issues. This durability ensures that the cabinets can withstand outdoor conditions for an extended period.

Additionally, waterproof plastic cabinets are relatively budget-friendly compared to other materials. They are often more affordable than cabinets made of wood, metal, or other specialized outdoor options. This makes them a cost-effective choice, especially when working with a limited budget.

Confidently add another advantage of waterproof plastic cabinets is their low maintenance requirements. Unlike wood which may require regular sealing or metal that needs to be painted to prevent corrosion, plastic cabinets typically only need occasional cleaning with water and mild soap. This ease of maintenance reduces the overall cost and effort associated with upkeep.

Colorbond-On trend colours for doors drawers & panels are the superior finish.

We hand press all door and drawer construction. Colorbond® is the designer choice that provides a superior appearance compared with laminates, paint or vinyl – with a unique super hard surface that resists even the harshest treatment.

 Superior Features

 • Won’t chip, crack or delaminate

• Very easy to clean and maintain

• UV and colour fade protected

Please feel free to drop us a email and we will be in touch with any questions you have.

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