Planning your outdoor kitchen

Now you are inspired by this beautiful weather it's time to start designing your alfresco kitchen.

The first step is understanding the alfresco area you have to work with, so you know how much you can fit in and work out would you like your bbq centralised?

Start by measuring your alfresco kitchen space accurately, remember to measure and mark the following 

1. left to right against the wall 

2. floor to the ceiling is the bulkhead? are there cornices?

3. services positions - hot and cold water pipes, waste pipes, gas pipes

how wide are they? how far off the wall ?, how high are the pipe?

4. is there a window? how high? how wide?

5. is there any power points for fridges? or in the splashback? are they outdoor power points note the length width and height 

Choose your layout 

The working triangle is the distance between your barbecue fridge and sink.

The most effective designers recommend a working triangle of keeping these 3 items in a 1200mm triangle space but not all outdoor kitchens have these 3 items so planning what you can have is most important.

Straight line kitchen 

The straight line alfresco kitchen is the most common as builders have left a recess or you have an alcove you would like to utilise, balconies and small areas this style will maximise your space, it's a simple outdoor kitchen design and is often the less expensive.

L shape kitchen 

The L-shaped outdoor kitchen suits the open-plan alfresco or corner nooks or the need for extra bench space. It allows for a pizza oven, extra preparation space and functional use of 2 walls in the alfresco area making it an entertainers paradise. 

U shape kitchen 

The most expansive is the U shape design, It is suited to larger alfresco areas or poolside setups and is the perfect layout for families and party alfresco areas that spend a lot of time maximising the outdoor kitchen. 

Galley kitchen 

The galley outdoor kitchen is a functional choice for a design that also can incorporate a bar area/entertaining table/statement bench top. It allows you to reach and gather around all areas of the alfresco kitchen within minimal walking distance. An outdoor galley kitchen is a great choice for BBQ cooks who love to cook daily.


create your new space

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