The style and look of your new outdoor kitchen is very important to us , we take Quality and Structural integrity very seriously.

This starts from our Australian factory and how we produce our Cabinets and Custom made BBQs.

We Know you will love our Cabana Cabinets and The premium Infresco Range of Barbecues and Exhaust hoods today, tomorrow and long into the future, because we have built our cabinets and products to last in the outdoor environment.

Our Cabana Cabinets are built to withstand the heaviest appliances if you are BYO your own bbq or If your are investing in a hand made Infresco Barbecue that Starts at 70kg or 1360 range that can weigh up to 140kg for this monster of a bbq 

Rest assured they are solid on the sides , base and back so the way you want to install them, is the way they will stay for life .

We have you covered at BBQ'S Australia with our warranty.  It means that all cabinet frames come with a 15 year structural warranty.

BBQ's Australia

Email us to order your infresco barbecue and for peace of mind you receive our life time warranty on our custom range.


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