Outdoor Kitchens Where do I Start ?

With the warmer months approaching you want to maximise your alfresco entertaining area and the outdoor kitchen is great addition to build when there is space under your alfresco area. But where do you start? We have some great tips to save you time and money before you start your outdoor kitchen project



Before the kitchen is installed, waste and water pipes should come up from the floor below the sink location (see diagram). After the kitchen has been installed, a plumber will need to come back to connect the sink and tap to the pipes.


Before installing the exhaust hood, arrange an electrician or your builder to install a loose plug type 

power point in your ceiling above where the exhaust hood will go (see diagram). 

When we install and flue the exhaust hood, we will be able to plug it in at the same time, so the hood is ready to use. 

If you will install a fridge or other electrical appliance, ensure that electrical power points are in place. If you require a splashback, make sure that all wall power points are completed, so that the splashback cut-outs are correct. 

You may require an electrician to return to attach face plates to power points after splashback installation. Some clients prefer a remote switch for their fridge; otherwise, they must pull out the fridge to turn it on or off. 

Gas Fitting: 

Before the kitchen is installed, gas pipes must be in the correct position (see diagram). Please do not have the gas pipes come out directly behind or beneath the BBQ. 

The gas pipe must be fitted with an isolation valve (for you to turn off gas in an emergency) and a regulator. These need to be easily accessible. Behind the BBQ is inaccessible. At the back of a drawer is also inaccessible in a hurry. Therefore, we install them in a door cupboard beside the BBQ. We punch holes in the cabinet so that the gas pipes can be connected to the BBQ (or other gas appliances). 

After the kitchen has been installed, a gas fitter will need to come back to connect the BBQ (or other gas appliances).

After the services are in place the first requirement is space and what you are going to incorporate.


The BBQ is at the heart of most outdoor kitchens,

Not all barbecues are the same, a basic mistake people have made is to take the trolley BBQ a place it into cabinetry this is not only a logistic problem but a major fire risk. 

The BBQ must have ventilation and most hang on the stone benchtop on wings this allows the gas to flow freely and safely through the hose with no chance of bends and kinks.

Next is the quality of BBQ a stainless steel Built in BBQ should have a minimum of 15-year warranty and use a heavy duty stainless steel shell with strength behind it so it doesn’t flap around in the wind ,when you build an appliance it you want it to be durable and have a long productive service.

Outdoor Sinks and Taps

A great feature if have access to hot and cold water not only making the alfresco area stand alone with connivance, practicality and functional without all the trips running backward and forwards to the main kitchen. 

The convince of washing your hands before and after cooking, removing the sticky marinates from your fingers or scrubbing dishes or pots that could chip the underslung sink from your inside your kitchen or even the dirt and sand when returning from working in the garden. 

The nifty attachments of strainers for sinks and even the advantage of a chopping board wider than the sink opening to keep the sink sealed and for the customers needing extra bench space this is a game changer for preparing the BBQ dinner  and maximising space. 

The Outdoor Fridge 

there are a few important features you need to look for when shopping for an outdoor beverage fridge, it should be rust resistant and rated for outdoors ambient tempratures with a double glazing as a must.

It should be designed to have airflow not tightly built-in to prevent overheating .

We strongly recomend incorporating a fridge frame for strength, no weak spots under the stone bench-top . Also be mindful that most beverage fridges are not food safe you can however enjoy ice cold beers and pool side drinks with the convince of a built-in bar fridge 

Pizza Ovens 

Pizza ovens are a wonderful addition to any alfresco kitchen.
With a convient gas-fired pizza oven, you can be catering for a horde of hungry bellies in just 15 minutes flat. With pizzas only taking minutes to cook, many of our clients use their pizza oven more often than their BBQ!

Wood fired pizza ovens are a stunning feature in your outdoor area. Once alight it gives the ambiance of summer nights , A traditional wood fired pizzas and a great heat source and conversation piece.
Before choosing a Pizza Oven , there are important points to consider, regarding space, do you have enough? and time how much do you have for heating and then cooking. 

Gas fired and wood-fired pizza ovens caters for all requirements. 

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