What are Examples Enclosed Alfresco Areas

Enclosed Alfresco Examples


What is an outdoor area?

An outdoor area is an open-air situation that is not obstructed by buildings or other structures, facilitating correct combustion and allowing products of combustion to be readily dispersed into the atmosphere. An alfresco area or balcony is considered outdoors when it is an open-air situation with natural ventilation. This ensures stagnant areas do not form, as these prevent the products of combustion from being rapidly dispersed by wind and natural convection. In the unlikely event of a gas leak occurring, a well-ventilated area will allow escaping gases to rapidly disperse.

The following situations are considered to provide the natural ventilation required for an outdoor domestic barbecue or patio heater to be used:
■ Four open sides with a roof or overhead cover.
■ Four enclosed sides (walls) without a roof or overhead cover.

■ Two parallel walls or two walls at right angles to each other with a roof or overhead cover.
■ Three
walls, with the one open side being at least 25 per cent of the total perimeter and the remaining three walls having an area of 30 per cent or more of unrestricted opening, with a roof or overhead cover. For these installations, the barbecue may be connected by a flexible hose to a natural gas bayonet point or similar fitting, through fixed connections to gas piping or by connection to an LP Gas cylinder.

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