What is a BBQ Interlocker System 2023 update?

What is a BBQ interlocker system? 

BBQ Interlocking system

How to have a Indoor Approved BBQ safely installed 

Firstly the exhaust hood should be installed 1350 mm from the cooking surface 

The exhaust hood needs to extract a minimum of 2000 cubic meters of air per hour 

The bbq needs to be certified for indoor use and be compliant to the gas code 

The bbq needs to have a solenoid valve next to the regulator and isolation switch 

The gas SOLENOID valve need to be connected by an electrician with a positive negative and earth from the exhaust hood interlocking control box down to the location of gas solenoid valve in close proximity to the gas isolation valve.

This allows the exhaust hood to be on and exracting fumes  and drawing a current  fan current (not lights ) that then allows the solenoid to open and allow the gas to follow into the bbq 

enclosed alfresco

A solution to the Australian Standard (AS5601) requirements when installing an Any to code Exhaust Hood above a commercial gas appliance in residential premises. The gas solenoid valve supplied must be in the gas supply piping to the gas appliance. Once installed, and connected to the controller, the solenoid valve will be energised, allowing gas to flow only when the Exhaust hood exhaust fan is operating. This controller would be fitted with our compliant Infresco barbecue approved for commercial use is installed in a residential alfresco area under an compliant BBQ Rangehood.

* The solenoid valve must be installed by a licensed gas fitter

This information is true and correct as 2023 but is subject to change in accordance with energy safe guidelines in each state

for further information please contact us or email us directly admin@bbqsaustralia.com.au

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