Interlocking System SOLENOID ONLY

Interlocking System SOLENOID ONLY

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 Gas Solenoid  Valve: 230v 50/60 Hz, 

Auto On/off

1/2"  BSP female

Solenoid ONLY

Limited Lifetime warranty on the structure of the unit. Link warranty attachment Manufacturer Warranty
1 year parts warranty

Download the Manual here.

*units are all handmade and can have a variation of 1-3mm, Due to stainless steel and the high heat units may have some distortion over time * grills and temperature gauges may change from original picture *

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-Contains a EASY to install wired sensor control box (Must be installed by an Authorised Person)
- Includes the Solenoid 1/2 inch connection

The gas SOLENOID valve need to be connected by an electrician with a positive, negative and earth from the exhaust hood interlocking control box down to the location of gas solenoid valve in close proximity to the gas isolation valve.

This allows the exhaust hood to be on and extracting fumes and drawing a current  FAN current that then allows the solenoid to open and allow the gas to follow into the BBQ 

The gas solenoid valve supplied must be in the gas supply piping to the gas appliance. Once installed, and connected to the controller, the solenoid valve will be energised, allowing gas to flow only when the Exhaust hood fan is operating.

The Timitch interlocking controller is a unique electronic device designed to measure currents. It can sense when the motors on an exhaust hood/range hood are on, which then activates a relay that sends power down to the solenoid.

To have an indoor barbecue, you need to have the BBQ and exhaust hood working together as a system to extract the fumes out of the room while the barbecue is working. That’s why an interlock system is created using our Timitch controller. It won’t let any gas into the barbecue unless the exhaust hood is on.

Please note that the barbecue must be correctly installed by a licenced plumber into the gas line with the isolation valve. The solenoid must be connected by a qualified electrician who connects this via a wire concealed in the wall cavity. Please ensure that your electrician correctly adjusts the electrical current so that the interlocking system is triggered by the fan of the exhaust hood, not the lights. This allows for the lights on the Exhaust hood to remain on or off as required without shutting down the BBQ.

And that’s how the interlock system works on the exhaust hood. It will make it safe for you to have an enclosed alfresco room with an indoor barbecue that is compliant with state gas laws.

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