Fridge Frame 620mm W x 550mm D x 25mm H

Fridge Frame 620mm W x 550mm D x 25mm H

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620mm W x 550mm D x 25mm H

25mm thick aluminium framework with plastic knock ins 

painted black facia 

predrilled holes for easy installation 

Here are 5 reasons why you need a fridge frame support underneath your stone benchtop in your outdoor kitchen:

1. Weight distribution: Stone benchtops can be quite heavy, especially when they have appliances such as fridges mounted under them in a void. A fridge frame support distributes the weight evenly and prevents the stone from cracking or breaking under the weight.

2. Durability: An outdoor kitchen is exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as rain and heat. The constant exposure to these elements can cause the stone benchtop to expand and contract, which can cause cracks or damage to the benchtop over time. A fridge frame support can help to mitigate this risk and increase the longevity of the benchtop.

3.Structural support: A fridge frame support can also provide structural support to the benchtop, ensuring that it remains level and in good condition over time.

4. Aesthetics: A fridge frame support can also help to improve the overall appearance of your outdoor kitchen. It can provide a clean, streamlined look that complements the design of your space, and helps to create a cohesive and polished look for your outdoor entertaining area.

5. Compliance: Some outdoor fridges have strict ventilation codes and regulations require that a fridge frame support be installed to ensure that the outdoor kitchen is safe and compliant with the relevant air clearances . By installing a fridge frame support, you can ensure that your outdoor kitchen meets all the necessary requirements and is safe for use.

Overall, a fridge frame support is an essential component of an outdoor kitchen with a stone benchtop, as it provides stability, weight distribution, protection, structural support, and compliance with building codes and regulations.

Limited Lifetime warranty on the structure of the unit. Link warranty attachment Manufacturer Warranty
1 year parts warranty

Download the Manual here.

*units are all handmade and can have a variation of 1-3mm, Due to stainless steel and the high heat units may have some distortion over time * grills and temperature gauges may change from original picture *

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Specifications Cabinet Material – 16mm highly water-resistant Foam Co-extrusion Board Construction – Easy to assemble tongue and groove assembly Holes- Pre Drilled Door material- 18mm Colorbond fronts with Foam Co-extrusion board backing Handles -Australian made 316 grade stainless steel handles Feet- Adjustable 120mm – 150mm knock in feet Hinges – Germain precision soft Close hinges Shelf- Adjustable shelf included Dimensions Cabinet 400mm Wide x 590mm deep x 730mm high Overall 400mm Wide x 610 mm with door (630mm with handle) x 850-850mm High with adjustable feet

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